About the project

“Raising awareness on Environmental Liability Directive”


Low level of awareness of the environmental liability legislation

Companies do not take preventive measures to eliminate the risks

Lack of awareness causes damage to water, land and protected species and natural habitats

Complexity and the intransparency of the environmental legislation

Poor communication among the key stakeholders


A survey conducted among Slovenian companies revealed that two thirds of small and medium sized enterprises are not familiar with the legal basis of the environmental liability.

Almost a third of small companies thought that they are not obliged to prevent and remedy environmental damage.
More than half of the surveyed enterprises have no environmental liability insurance, or they believe that environmental liability insurance is the same as property insurance. Among these, almost one third stated that they have no need for insurance and less than one third of those couldn’t find appropriate insurance.For nearly a tenth of the companies environmental liability insurance is too expensive.

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