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  • EcoClipping

    Weekly emailing notication service on individually selected environmental topics of user interest, which includes updates on environmental legislation and other environmental news.
  • Environmental legislation

    The first comprehensive online collection of currently applicable environmental legislation in Slovenia.
  • Environmental guide

    A sector-specific toolkit, which describes the requirements of the environmental legislation. The user will get a description of rights and obligations by which he is bound and some useful tips regarding how to act.
  • Risk Assessment tool

    The purpose of drafting the risk the assessment tool is to provide the target audiences as well as stakeholders with a tool for identifying their exposure to the risk of causing environmental damage.

An overview video of the EcoLex LIFE project:

What does the Environmental Liability Directive stand for?

The Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) is based on the POLLUTER-PAYS PRINCIPLE. The polluters that have caused environmental damage or an imminent threat of such damage are liable for implementing the necessary preventive and remediation actions and paying for their costs.

How to report an ELD case?

(In slovenian language only.)